Product News and Updates From Viabl

August 2016: Ability to exclude scores, and Configure default frequency. 

Added Relationship Score Menu Item

A relationship score menu item has been added under the administrator menu. Here, you are able to update templates to display excluded indicator when relationship score is set to 0.

viabl relationship score menu

Configurable Default Frequencies

In the new settings screen you are able to set specific times and dates that you want to receive email reminder notifications.

viabl settings screen

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April 2016: Configurable Modules, Email Dispositions, User email updates, Frequency Sliders. 

Configurable Modules

  • Modules other than Calls are now configurable.

Email Dispositions

  • Email disposition buttons can be made for a subpanel.
  • You can now set an icon on an email disposition button.

Viabl Product News


User Email Updates

  • A reminder email will be sent out at 10am Eastern to all Active users to catch up with contacts that haven’t been contacted recently or have a contact score of 0.

Frequency Sliders

  • Contact frequency sliders can now be seen and edited in contacts detail view.
    • It is located on the right hand side.

Viabl Product News

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March 2016: Email Connectors, Contact Detail, Contact Sync, Contact Tags, Stock Events.

Email Connectors

  • Users now have the ability to add one or multiple email connectors; including: gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc.
  • The email connector option is added to the sidebar navigation, My settings, with a sub navigation, connectors.
  • A user may add more than one e-mail connector.

Viabl Product Updates

Viabl Product News

Contact Detail

  • The contact detail view, navigated to by clicking on a contacts name, is complete.

Viabl Product News

  • Notifications:
    • Notifications are only show to the user who owns, or is assigned, the contact.
    • Administrators can see all contacts but may not see any notifications.
    • Events for a contact are only shown to the user who owns, or is assigned, the contact.
    • Scores are only show to the user who owns, or is assigned, the contact.
    • Notifications properly display in the ‘alerts’ bell at the top even if the user never navigates to the ‘notifications’ tab.

Viabl Product News


Contact Tags

  • Contacts are now ‘taggable’ from the detail view of a contact.
    • Everyone can see and remove any/all tags for a contact.
    • Tags can include numbers and letters but no spaces, underscores, or dashes.

Viabl Product News

Stock Events

  • It is now possible to add events, like a meeting, for a contact to drive your score from the contact detail. These events to not sync with what connectors are available.
  • Messaging regarding contact events, headers and summaries, is more detailed and in some cases attempts to list all parties involved in the event.

Viabl Product News

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February, 2016: User Management feature is now available and scoring feature updated.

User Management

  • Feature gives a user the ability to import users from a connector and be managed through the connector.
  • You may only import a user, you may not set his permissions which will be as a base user at the time of import.

Viabl Product News


  • Actions performed from SugarCRM are now scored.

Viabl Product News


Viabl Product News

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January, 2015: Makes the SugarCRM 1.5.5 package available for download from Viabl.

Adds the viabl 1.5.5 package.

The new version makes the Viabl package in SugarCRM faster.

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October 2, 2015: Notifications: Not Contacted in Long Period of Time

Notifications: Not Contacted In Long Period of Time


The cadence you use to reach out to your contacts can vary based on a number of factors, but sometimes when contact hasn’t been made in a long period of time there is a possibility that:

  • Previous contact activity was not logged; thus, causing the records contact status to not update.
  • The contact frequency associated with a record is incorrect.
  • A user forgot to contact a record at the appropriate time.

To eliminate any potential errors in the cadence of your outreach to contacts Viabl notifies users when a record has not been contacted in a long period of time.

Notifications Not Contact In Long Period Of Time

As you can see in the image above, the Notifications Dashlet lists contacts that haven’t been reached in over 3 months.


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September 25, 2015: Notifications, Notification Filters, and Notifications Dashlet


Viabl’s notifications are here!

To enhance the proactive functionality of Viabl, there have been a number of advancements made around notifications. Viabl’s notifications are based on the contact frequency you set and help you remain aware of contacts that you should reach out to.

Viabl’s notifications allow you to remain up-to-date on the status of relationships between you and your contacts with little effort.

In the Viabl application, users can view notifications in one of two ways:

  1. Clicking the notifications icon located at the top of the page.
  2. Viewing the Notifications page.


Notifications Icon

No matter which screen a user is on in the Viabl application, the Notifications Icon is available at the top of the screen.

Notifications Icon 2


Notifications Page

By selecting the Notifications tab from the menu on the left side of the screen, Viabl users can view the Viabl Notifications page. The notifications on this page allow users to either Ignore, or Contact records in their CRM. The notifications also list the Assigned User of each contact.



Notifications Filter

Also included in Viabl’s Notifications page are filters that allow you to view notifications based on three filter options:

  • Ignored By You
  • Awaiting Update
  • Needs Update

Notifications Filter



Notifications Dashlet

A second advancement made around notifications is the Notifications Dashlet in SugarCRM. Like notifications in the Viabl application, these notifications also keep Sugar users aware of the contact status of records in Sugar; however, users can additionally initiate actions like logging a call or sending an email from the dashlet.

Notifications Dashlet


By selecting a disposition button in the dashlet, users can complete the selected activity in SugarCRM’s drawer layout.

Dashlet Drawer


Once a user completes an activity like logging a call or sending an email to a record in the notifications dashlet, the record is updated in Sugar to include this information and is also removed from the notifications dashlet.


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September 10, 2015: Field Caching, From Popups to SugarCRM Drawers, and Log Call to Log Activity

Field Caching

In Viabl, when users alter certain fields, it may take a few seconds for the field change to load.

For example, if a user configured a telesales disposition button and made changes to the module field, they would see this loading image for a few seconds:

Configuration Delay


Once the loading process concluded, the user could then continue the configuration process:




To eliminate loading when a change is made to a field, Viabl has introduced field caching. Now, once a user selects an option from a field, the selection is stored and can be accessed instantly for all future occurrences.


From Pop Ups to SugarCRM Drawers

A major focus of the team at Viabl is ensuring a consistent user experience between Viabl and your CRM. The most recent example of this is our adoption of SugarCRM’s drawer functionality.

The SugarCRM drawer is a layout widget that displays a window of additional content that can be opened and closed as needed.

Here is an example of a SugarCRM drawer from the SugarCRM Developer Blog:

SugarCRM Drawer

As you can see, with the SugarCRM drawer, users can access content without navigating to a different screen. The user also has the option to open and close the drawer as necessary.

Currently, much of Viabl’s functionality for activities like sending email and scheduling meetings occurs in pop-up windows. However, the SugarCRM drawer is a key element of the SugarCRM user experience. For this reason, the development team at Viabl is focused on utilizing SugarCRM’s drawer functionality for Viabl activities that are advantageous for this particular layout.

For example, Viabl’s email functionality can now be accessed in the SugarCRM drawer:

Viabl SugarCRM Drawer

This, and other features of Viabl will soon be accessible in the SugarCRM drawer to further align Viabl with the SugarCRM interface.


From Log Call to Log Activity

The “Log Call” field in Viabl has been renamed “Log Activity.” This change coincides with the expanded nature of Viabl’s activity logging functionality. Along with logging calls with Viabl’s dispositions, users can also log activities associated with other aspects of their CRM like meetings, notes and tasks.

The previously used Log Call field:

Log Call


Now, this field is labeled Log Activity:

Log Activity


July 21, 2015: Edit and Send Template Emails, SugarCRM Meetings and Tasks Support

Edit and Send Template Emails

A previous update we detailed on May 4, 2015, noted the three email sending options that are now included in Viabl:

  • Blind Send
  • Review and Send
  • Edit and Send

The latest product update from Viabl has added features to the latter email send type: Edit and Send

The previous Edit and Send option included a popup with a basic text editor that allowed you to alter your outgoing email messages before sending them.



The Edit and Send option in Viabl now includes two feature enhancements that we are sure you will enjoy.

Now, the Edit and Send popup in Viabl includes a TinyMCE HTML editor. TinyMCE is an advanced WYSIWYG HTML editor that enables you to easily craft visually appealing email messages.

A second feature enhancement in the Edit and Send popup gives users the option to choose which account an email is sent from by simply selecting the appropriate account from a dropdown list.



July 14, 2015: Connector Download Option

Connector Download Option

Before today, downloading Viabl was only possible in the Viabl onboarding wizard. However, thanks to our latest product update, users now have the option of downloading their version of Viabl from the Connectors page under Viabl’s Administration section.

To download Viabl from the Connectors page, simply select Connectors under the Administration options in the menu located on the left of the screen.



After navigating to the Connectors page, you will notice a download option for your version of Viabl.

Download From Connectors

Click the download option and the Viabl ZIP file will begin downloading.


Let us know what you think about the new Connectors download option. Contact us to leave your feedback.

July 6, 2015: SugarCRM Compatibility Update, SugarCRM Sync Speed Enhancements, and Onboarding Help Notifications

SugarCRM Compatibility Update

SugarCRM logo

Good news: Viabl is now compatible with the latest version of SugarCRM, Sugar 7.6.

All of the relationship automation features you enjoy in earlier versions of Sugar are now available in 7.6.


SugarCRM Sync Speed Enhancements

Using SugarCRM’s Bulk API, we have increased the sync speed between Viabl and Sugar.

Now, synchronizing your settings in Viabl to SugarCRM can be done in seconds.

To sync settings from Viabl to Sugar, simply select the Sync with CRM button found in the Proactive Relationships features in Viabl.



Onboarding Help Notifications

The Viabl onboarding wizard was created to ensure that users can easily install Viabl. To make this process more seamless, we have added onboarding help notifications to the onboarding wizard.

Now, when users are preparing to install Viabl they will notice our help notifications.



When an onboarding notification is clicked, a popup containing an in-depth description of how to complete an action in the installation process is shown.



Another feature we should note is the inclusion of installation instructions in the install section of the onboarding wizard.



Clicking the Viabl Installation Guide link will allow users to view a popup containing instructions on how to install Viabl in their CRM.



To provide feedback on these updates to Viabl, contact us.

May 11, 2015: Connector Configuration and Pre-Configured Settings

Connector Configuration

If you’re ever in a situation where you need to adjust the information used to connect Viabl to your CRM, Viabl enables you to accomplish this from the Administration section.

To adjust your connector information, select Connectors under the Administration section of the menu on the left of the screen.

Administration Connectors


Once you’re on the Connectors page, select Edit under the Actions tab to view your connector information. After editing your information, make sure to select Update.




Pre-configured Settings

Viabl is highly configurable, so you can be assured that you’ll be able to deploy the software for optimal use. However, we’ve pre-configured Viabl to include settings that are automatically populated out of the box.

For example, the Telesales disposition buttons are pre-configured for:

  • Log Call
  • Left Voicemail
  • Set a Meeting

PreConfigured Settings

Although you have the ability to tailor Viabl to your business’s needs, Viabl’s pre-configured settings are a great place to start once your business begins utilizing Viabl’s relationship automation features.


If you have any questions or feedback related to Viabl’s Connector Configuration or Pre-configured settings, don’t hesitate to contact us.

May 4, 2015: Onboarding Wizard and Email Sending Options

Onboarding Wizard

Getting started with Viabl is a simple, three-step process:

  • Setting up your CRM
  • Downloading Viabl
  • Installing Viabl in your CRM

Viabl’s onboarding wizard guides you through each process seamlessly.

In the first step of the onboarding wizard, you will be instructed to enter the URL of your CRM, an Admin username and a password.

Onboarding Wizard 1


The next step of the onboarding wizard allows you to download Viabl.

Onboarding Wizard 2


The final step of the onboarding wizard instructs you to install the Viabl package you downloaded in the previous section.

Onboarding Wizard 3

After completing each step of the onboarding wizard, your business will be on it’s way to taking advantage of Viabl’s relationship automation features in your CRM.


Email Sending Options

There are three email send styles available in Viabl.

They are:

  • Blind Send
  • Review and Send
  • Edit and Send

In Viabl, you can configure the email disposition buttons to execute these three send styles. To configure Viabl’s email disposition buttons, select Email Dispositions from the menu located on the left of the screen.

Viabl Email Dispositions


In the Email Dispositions section of Viabl, you can configure the disposition buttons to one of the three send styles.

Send Styles Dropdown

The Blind Send option enables you to immediately send email to your customers and contacts in one-click

The Review and Send option lets you review an email message before it is sent.

The Edit and Send option lets you edit email before it is sent.


What do you think about the Viabl’s onboarding wizard and email sending options? Contact us to provide your feedback.